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Inventory Services


One of the most commonly known purposes for a certified inventory is disaster preparedness and recovery. Fire, theft, or natural disaster – just one unexpected catastrophe – can take away your belongings in just seconds. Once they are gone or damaged, the insurance company or police will ask for detailed descriptions and often require pictures as proof of ownership.


What will you do? By having this documentation before a loss, you will be able to file a thorough and accurate insurance claim, resulting in a more equitable settlement. If you can’t remember, you can’t recover™.


If disaster preparedness and recovery is the reason you are visiting our website today, we are here to help you. Our process has been reviewed and approved by insurance agents and adjusters.


There are many other life events when a personal property inventory is essential, or at the very least, helpful. These include estate settlement, placing items in storage, moving, separation of assets/divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, and more. For businesses, some of the needs served by an inventory are ensuring you have sufficient contents insurance, asset tracking, eliminating unnecessary purchases, budgeting, and planning a buy, sell, merger, or acquisition.


Documenting, Securing and Maintaining Your Inventory


Homeowners, renters, and business owners all need this information. Our efficient process provides detailed documentation of what you own. The itemized inventory list and photographs simplify the personal property insurance claims process, so you can focus on restoring your life and belongings. Maximize your insurance claim reimbursement and reduce the emotional stress associated with a loss.




Under the guidance of insurance agents, insurance adjusters, financial planners, and attorneys, we created a process that serves the many life events that require or benefit from a contents inventory. Keeping your busy lifestyle in mind, our information-collecting method allows for a detailed inventory, requiring minimal time on site.


We create an itemized written report with detailed descriptions which include manufacturer, model and serial numbers, dimensions, etc. Digital photos include full room views and close-ups of specific items. Exterior building shots are also included. Delivered within two weeks of the onsite process, your inventory portfolio includes printed and electronic files of all documentation.


Records Retention and Backup


To help ensure that your records are always available, you have the option for records retention and backup services. We will secure your inventory files in case yours are lost, stolen, or damaged.  The first year is at no charge, with an annual nominal fee thereafter. If you require a copy of your inventory, we will deliver one to you within 48 hours. Upon your request, we’ll also include a 2nd copy for your insurance agent or the police department.




You also have the option to request inventory updates; insurance companies recommend that inventories remain current, at no more than 2 years old. As you purchase new contents of your home or business, you can send us the information electronically or we will return to your home or business to complete the updates for you. These services are offered at a reasonable fee. Keeping your records current on a regular basis will eliminate the need to pay for a full inventory service again.