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Meet Kathleen And Greg Holton

Greg Holton and Kathleen Kendall HoltonGreg Holton was a property and casualty agent for 25 years prior to founding Kendall Inventory Service, LLC (KIS). With his wife of 45 years, Kathleen Kendall Holton as his business partner, KIS was launched in early 2010.


Nearly all major Insurance companies routinely advise their customers to complete an inventory of the contents of their homes and businesses. Free online tools, resources and other detailed instructions are made available to enable their customers to complete this important task. It’s all sound advice, but in the real world far less than 10% of insured ever attempt to complete an inventory of their belongings. The recommendation is offered more as a disclaimer on the part of insurance companies, than a source of additional information to consumers.


Why is there such a disconnect between the insurance companies and the customers they serve? A busy executive once explained it to me with a very simple statement: “This is a great should do project; I only have time to take care of must do projects.”


The great “secret” property insurers fall back on is hiding in plain sight located within each property insurance policy. By definition, an insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and each insured. The contract is very explicit regarding the duties of the insurer and also the duties of the insured, referred to as policy conditions.


Property conditions located in all homeowners and commercial property policies detail in writing the Insured Duties After a Loss. These are duties the insured is required to perform in the event of a loss. One of the more important duties of the insured is stated as follows: Prepare an inventory of damaged and undamaged property including quantity, description, age, and replacement cost, along with actual cash value of each item claimed. Attach to the inventory any bills, receipts and related documents to substantiate the figures of the inventory.


At the point of a large loss claim, failure to comply with this duty can have severe financial consequences to an unsuspecting claimant who is unprepared to meet the demands of their insurance company to settle the claim. This condition is the basis for the creation of Kendall Inventory Service, LLC (KIS).


The unique value proposition KIS brings to the market place is that through accumulated knowledge and standardized business processes, KIS will create and maintain a professional comprehensive inventory of residential or business personal property. KIS also provides objective and detailed professional insurance analysis including recommendations that will lead to the coordination of your insurance coverage with your real-time risk. We hold all appropriate insurance licenses that allow professional consultation, but we do not sell insurance of any type.


All of this will be achieved at a cost to typical consumers far less than if you attempted to complete the project yourself. Economy coupled with expertise leads to peace of mind for our clients.


Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kendall Inventory Service provides many other value-added benefits for our clientele. We are committed to providing exceptional products and customer service with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and professionalism. We work hard so you don’t have to. In only hours, we conduct a thorough cataloging of your personal possessions, an exercise which may take you weeks or months to complete, if you were to start it at all. Why take chances when there is so much is at stake?


Greg and Kathleen have achieved the designation of Certified Inventory Experts through the National Inventory Certification Association. Kendall Inventory Service is bonded and insured.


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